Better than a Bandage
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Better than a Bandage

I originally wrote this book in 1993 after I had been introduced to some of the simple, non-toxic, non-medical ways to heal oneself.

Until I was introduced to some of these methods, like many of us I had had no idea that there were safe, alternative ways to keep oneself healthy.

I had just assumed that Western medicine was ‘It’ and as such, one just accepted that the side-affects that went along with medications were just part-and-parcel of this.

However, in 1993 I was introduced to Shiatsu massage and it opened up a whole new world for me.

To give you an example: I had only just finished learning Shiatsu massage when an acquaintance friend (a gentleman in his late 60s/early 70s) rang me. During our conversation he mentioned that he was in a lot of pain with his shoulder.

His doctor had done everything he could for him, as had the physiotherapist, but with little or no relief. He was unable to take muscle relaxant medication because it affected his stomach and his only choices were an operation (which he didn’t want to have because he had a bad heart), or being in pain for the rest of his life! I told him about Shiatsu – said I had no idea whether it could help him – did he want to give it a go?

First session, his pain was reduced by half. Second session, his pain was reduced by half again. Third session, the pain was so minimal he could hardly notice it. Amazing!

Written in a very laid back, easy to read, conversational style.

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Better than a Bandage