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Pearls of Wisdom
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“Pearls of Wisdom” is actually a ebook full of choice snippets from “Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces”, Things Our Mothers Never Taught Us and Our Fathers Never Knew.

When I was writing “Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces”, occasionally I’d highlight a sentence to make it stand out. At the time, I had the urge to highlight many of these sentences as I felt that so much of what I was saying was important.

Needless to say, I resisted!

“Pearls of Wisdom” includes many of these ‘other’ points as well as some of those sentences that were originally highlighted and which I felt were worth reiterating.

“Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces” is a non-fiction, self-help book full of life experiences - “Pearls of Wisdom” highlights some of these ‘pearls’ for you to ponder on.
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Pearls of Wisdom