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You can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over your lifetime in dental bills! If you're interested in a NATURAL APPROACH to DENTAL HYGIENE rather than shelling out big bucks to the guys and gals with white coats and hooked, stainless steel instruments in their gloved hands, here is a natural alternative for you ...

"I have swapped to using Tooth Soap® because of the info you provided and my dentist said I had 'amazingly healthy gums.' I am nearly 60 so I was very happy. It did take a bit of getting used to, but now I really like the whole process of 'frothing at the mouth!'" — Barbara E., Australia

"I received my order today and tried the product right after lunch. It's true! My teeth feel cleaner than ever before (even after a 'professional' cleaning at the dentist's office). In fact, they were so clean that the slice of cheese I ate shortly after brushing didn't stick to my teeth. This is an outstanding product. Thank you for making it available." — Larry F.

"My dentist said I was in line for some very expensive gum surgery. It's been two weeks since I started using the Tooth Soap® and the msp and my gums are already healing. I rounded up all the expensive toothpaste and pitched it." — Suzanne
"After brushing with the Tooth Soap® my mouth feels like I have just had my teeth cleaned without having the pain of going through teeth cleaning at the dentist's office." — Diane J.
Beth F. gives an update after using Tooth Soap® for 30 days: "After using Tooth Soap® for one month, I noticed that the plaque between my lower teeth has softened and I was able to remove it easily. I was surprised because the only way to remove it in the past was through dental cleaning!"
Claudine Crook, of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada writes: "Tooth Soap® WORKS! I will never go back to regular tooth paste. I have been using Tooth Soap® for 6 months now. My dental check-up went great. No cavities and healthy gums. I love the feel of my teeth after brushing them with Tooth Soap®. They are white and feel so clean. The Tooth Soap® lasts and lasts. ..."

Chet D. wrote the following: "When I'm finished (after no more than two minutes of gentle brushing), my mouth, teeth, and gums feel and smell so good that I become extremely kissable. No baloney. It's true. My wife is kissing me more, and I know it's not because my disposition has improved but maybe it has something to do with Tooth Soap®..."

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