The Universal Language of Colour
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The Universal Language of Colour

We are hosting 3 hour workshops on the Universal Language of Colour.  

Go to  Lookup Workshops for full information. 

This is to share with you what some of the clients I have worked with have to say:

Thelma’s unique experience with a combination of Colour Therapies provided clarity about how I face life emotionally an has provoked my mind to become aware of the characteristics and influence of the colour I wear in how I feel and enjoy life.

Louise Fawcett - CEO Pacific Harvest

" The way Thelma works with her Colour Coaching is unique, and can be described in one word: magic! She is empowering you the minute you meet her!

The truth is: if you give Thelma the opportunity to help you, your life will definitely make a significant, positive turn. Colours work, and they do so for the rest of your life. "

Wow! I had the privilege of meeting with Thelma van der Werff a colour coach last month. I have not stopped thinking about the power of colour and the emotional effect that it can play in your life. Not unfamiliar with colour myself, in fact it’s a huge part of my life. My work is makeup, helping women with cancer to overcome any side effects that they may be experiencing. So of course I promote colour in the form of highlighting features and have an understanding of colour with the seasons and what suits different colour tones. But now, thanks to Thelma, my knowledge has been extended to image and communicating through colour. I now appreciate how colour can work for me and what best combinations help with my emotions and what I want to say about me! I am the colour I wear and my personality reflects through. My challenge is breaking away from black. Easier said than done…however this is my new challenge and I am enjoying the changes I am feeling.
I highly recommend colour coaching, go forward, be brave and step on out of your comfort zone too.

Nadine Powel

Managing Director Look Good Feel Better – NZ

So many have said so much about Working with Thelma, so this is just a snippet of a couple of them. 

We do hope you contact us regarding our workshops, and learning more about how colour can influence your emotions in both your personal and professional lives.

Be Colourful Be You!


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Thelma van der Werff

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Thelma van der Werff
Foundation Member
Professional Plus
ColourComfort said on Sunday, November 1st 2009 @ 3:43 PM:

Every Client who shares with us, how amazing this work is, and how having this knowledge of colour has made such a difference in their lives, makes my work even more pleasurable to see how I am making significant changes by sharing this knowledge. Be Colourful Be You! Thelma

Helena Kwocksun
Foundation Member
Professional Plus
MoonlyteAngel said on Friday, November 20th 2009 @ 1:39 PM:

I met Thelma about 5 years ago, and had a consultation with her, at the time I wore a lot of black, was in a role I wasn't happy in, felt depressed, and had a challenging relationship with an alcoholic at the time. Thelmas amazing knowledge of colour, I felt like she really knew everything about me, and the compassion and guidance she gave, and the homework to go on with, made a huge difference in my life. I now love colour and have a very colourful wardrobe, and am very conscious of WHY I am wearing certain colours. If you have a chance to book in for either of the the 3 hour workshops Thelma is hosting on 1st December, Get your confirmation email in now. With much gratitude Thelma for your amazing work. Helena

The Universal Language of Colour