Why Are You Wearing Those Colours
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Why Are You Wearing Those Colours

Getting behind the psychology and emotional aspects of Colour with Thelma van der Werff

By Thelma van der Werff, who is a qualified colour therapist who has developed a fascinating new concept; Colour Coaching using the psychology of colour to determine personality traits and emotions.  Colour coaching also gives advice which colours can support image and emotions. 

Thelma is also a registered Aura Soma practititioner with the International Academy of Colour Therapeutics UK and is a member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practititioners. 

So you see this here is NO ORDINARY BOOK. 

Lets see i might be going for a job interview to work as a caregiving person in an old peoples home.    I am thinking of wearing my favourite orange top, and a black skirt.    

So I just go to my little book "WHY ARE YOU WEARING THOSE COLOURS" and see what the cleverly little designed pages show me.   I can find an Orange Blouse for the top, and a black skirt of pants for the bottom.   This book has partially been created for all sorts of different colour combinations to see what they reveal about you.  

So I don't think an old peoples home need excitement, motivation and inspiration and spontaneity in an  old folks home     Or maybe they actually do?   Anyhow i think I will change into something a little not so adveturous. 

It doesn't matter what the occasion or what you need to be conscious for in wearing some of these colour choices.   You can also use the same sort of guidance, in your work for marketing, or in your home and furnishings or also in your food choices. 

Books are available on Thelmas website.   www.colourcomfort.com






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Helena Kwocksun
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MoonlyteAngel said on Friday, November 20th 2009 @ 2:01 PM:

I absolutely love to learn and I this books helps me to understand myself, my colour choices, even the ones I don't like so much. Hope you all enjoy learning and using the POWER of the knowledge of the colours.

Why Are You Wearing Those Colours