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Project 101010

Movies » Movie Trailers 
Project 101010 

Project 101010 interviews some of today's leading experts in the field of human consciousness and explores the question - Pill or Perception?...

The message is about wellness and everyone's role they play in self-care and self-education

Hosted by Emily Gowor and includes the following;

  • Camillia Temple - Artist, Singer and Songwriter
  • Don Kaimi Pilipovich - Body Talk Instructor
  • Ross Ormsby - Access Consciousness Practitioner
  • Deborah Murtagh - Gut-Brain Detoxification Practitioner
  • Richard Moat - Mind-body Medicine and Hypnotist
  • Rob McIntyre - Health and Wellness Facilitator
  • Bruce H. Lipton - Biologist and Epigeneticist
  • Robin Kelly - Medical Doctor and Healer
  • Theresa Grainger - Neuro Linguistics Practitioner
  • John Francis - Human Consciousness Facilitator
  • Joe Dispenza - Chiropractor and Neuroscientist
  • Dana Bilbe - Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach
  • Daniel Astinotti - Heart Rate Variability Practitioner
  • Pat Armitstead - Positive Psychology and Joyology
2010-10-07 17:39:02 

Project 101010 Movies » Movie Trailers