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  • Web Mechanics (PeacefulWarrior) - We Create Online Businesses. We design and build simple, good looking, easy-to-navigate websites for small to medium-sized LOHAS or Cultural Creatives businesses
  • Holistic Hair (HolisticHair) - Created in 1998 Holistic Hair is a complete concept in the treatment and care of hair and scalp disorders using natural organically based products designed for people seeking an alternative to the chemically based products currently available.
  • Transformational Healing (morpheus) - Greg Villers - Natural Health Practitioner, 25 years experience in Health & Wellness, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Migun Medical Instruments (MigunMedical) - Migun Thermal Massage Systems, alternative health product for your spine
  • EQuilibrium Human Development (Galahad) - Personal & Business Change Agents
  • Will you make a Difference? (MoonlyteAngel) - You make the difference with Trivani, You make the difference for the planet, with envirosoy candles, You make the difference for empowering yourself to make conscious choices every single day. What do you Choose?
  • Koru Designz (Ganesha) - Kia Ora! I am a fabric artist specialised in original Maori Koru patterns, hand-printed and designed by Awhi Klein. Check out my page for the patterns and descriptions.
  • Alpha Imaging (maruata) - The Ascended Masters are utilising Vernas pure channels to imprint their energy into the molecular structure of paintings they design and paint through Verna. These paintings are a permanent portal for the Masters energy into this physical dimension.
  • AmayahGrace - healing channel for Ascended Master, Cosmic and Crystalline energies (carnelian) - Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Healing Channel for Ascended Master, Cosmic and Crystalling energies, New Consciousness Teacher
  • Oneness New New Zealand (OnenessBlessing) - Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer, planting the seed of Oneness, Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan are the source of this incredible energy
  • Energy Fields - Reiki, Seichim & EMF Balancing® (Jannwood) - Jannette Hopkins is a Master/Teacher of Reiki, Seichim and Mentor/Supervisory Teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique®. She has always held an interest in metaphysics, and has been working with and channelling energy for over twenty years.
  • Balanced Energy (Monshah) - Are You Looking For Something To Shift You Into A New Way Of Being?
  • Ayurda (Ayurda) - Ayurda (pronounced 'l-urr-da') is an Ayurvedic skin care range truly redefining the concept of natural skin and hair care.
  • Med-Colour™ Color Acupuncture Therapy for the Whole Family (Skywalker) - Med-Colour Color Acupuncture Equipment - non-intrusive quartz light therapy device combining thousands of years of natural proven knowledge
  • Transform Your Business (AnthonyTurner) - Small business coaching, mentoring & marketing services for Natural Health, Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Practitioners & all small businesses
  • GreenplanetFM 104.6 with Tim Lynch (Ultimo) - Dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability.
  • Lotus Pure and Natural Essential Oils (LotusOils) - Lotus Oils - Certified pure natural essential Oils for aromatherapy, massage, and your overall health & beauty
  • Singing Earth Publishing (JoyousWoman) - Our Mission Statement is: To provide books and products which inspire, guide and encourage positive change, thereby helping people to move away from belief systems that no longer serve them well.
  • My Products (MyProducts) - The world's greatest Acupuncturist and most famous Naturopath!!!
  • Wellness Mentor (WellnessMentor) - My VISION is of a peaceful planet that is full of natural abundance, and naturally creative people, no longer held back by starved cells and financial pressure, who are supporting each other on their journey through this amazing LIFE!
  • Roots Herbal Dispensary (RosieBason) - Discover the healing power of herbs to treat common health disorders and to live a healthier life
  • Eleena (Eleena) - Eleena's website
  • Family Focus (FamilyFocus) - Do you have a child who struggles with concentration and learning? Would you like an explanation that makes sense, as to why your child is struggling?
  • Rainbow People (AlisonFortes) - Still under re-construction
  • Happy 4 Life (HelenofJoy) - Are you happy with the way your life is going ? Why not make 2009 your best year ever!
  • Soul Healing Therapies (SoulHealingTherapies) - Providing Essence of Soul Healing, Essence of Soul Recalibration, Universal Balancing, Soul Energy Clearing, The Reconnection, Energy Massage Therapy, House Clearing
  • Positive Life Balance (JudithPaterson) - A professional therapist, expert trainer and motivational powerhouse Judith Paterson uses her vast experience as a health professional and inspirational speaker to show people how to pinpoint what is holding them back and then ‘Catch their Freedom’
  • Earth Energies NZ Ltd (EarthEnergies) - Earth Energies specialise in a unique range of Kawakawa based creams and ointments, we also specialise in vibrational remedies, offering an extensive buy now range and custom made option for individual needs.
  • Lavender Haven (LavenderHaven) - Massage for Women, Reflexology & Ear Candling
  • Osiris Health (DavidHolden1) - In full time private practice since 1986 ~ “Dedicated to your Wellness, Vitality & Longevity”
  • Speedwell Clinic (GailNicholls) - natural medicine spiritual healing. Gentle and natural healing ways using remedies and treatments including hypnotherapy, massage, herbs, minerals and vitamins to bring you better health
  • Aura-Soma (aurasoma) - AURA-SOMA® is a tool, a tool to help us to understand ourselves at a deeper level. It is a non-intrusive, self-selective system in which colour is the key. Utilising herbal extracts, essential oils crystals and gems as well as visual and non-visual
  • Jennifer De Leon (JenniferDeLeon) - Dancer / Choreographer / Dance teacher Director of Poyema Dance Company Psychotherapist / Dance and Movement Therapist: Choreography of the soul Mother / Lover / Child / Crone
  • The Natur-all Path (CedricSunier) - Cedric operated as Holistic Practioner (registered NZCHPInc) offering alternative health and wellness services to his clients at The Natur-all Path (Masterton) and at the Cancer Society, these services available to the Wairarapa.
  • Suzanne Boon (SuzanneBoon) - Promoting wellness through breath and reconnecting with nature
  • Integrated Events Centre of NZ – Diane Wilkins (IntegratedEventsCentre) - A Centre dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive space for experiential workshops that inspire greater ‘Self' Awareness. We offer workshops as well as host workshops …
  • Great Spirit & Great Spirit Jouneys (JoHutchinson) - Jo Hutchinson is a Professional Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Company Culture Champion, Facilitator of Personal and Business Growth. Realising how powerful her own travel experiences have been in her life and work, Jo created Great Spirit Journeys
  • Biotone Massage Clinic (MoreahSandwell) - Healing treatments specialising in the relief of low back and neck pain
  • Haeatatanga (RaewynSomers) - Heart is the key to health and happiness. Opening your heart has a profound healing affect on all levels of our being as well as on our families and communities. The ability to open your heart is available to everyone.
  • Ian Whitehouse (IanWhitehouse) - Natural Therapeutics
  • Voice of my Soul (Soulwhisperer) - Soul Whispers ~ Volumes 1 & 2 ~ Meditations on Love & Meditations on Wisdom are available on CD or MP3 format
  • EnergyWise (paulinebaker) - Paulne Baker presents the EMF Balancing Technique® – a graceful, sophisticated, and empowering form of energy work originated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.
  • Holistic Coaching Suzanne Masefield - Think Success Ltd (SuzanneMasefield) - Holistic Coaching - Think Success Ltd, Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching - Discover your Purpose
  • Self-help Online (KayDouglas) - Self help for health, wellbeing, stress, depression, relationships, parenting, depression, motivation, books, inspiration, fitness, nutrition, poems.
  • Counsellor (DelaineJones) - Delaine can show you in a very short time, the reason behind your challenges in life, your patterns which keep sabotaging you in your relationships, or choices of direction in life.
  • Soul Journeys (SoulJourneys) - Tours, events and workshops to uplift your soul.
  • Live Yor Life. EFT and Coaching (LiveYourLife) - Helping people breaking free of limitining beliefs so they can live the life yo truely desire
  • DUNE LAKES LODGE (RosemaryWyndhamJones) - Dune Lakes Lodge offers you a unique blend of accommodation, corporate amenities and equestrian facilities. The Victorian homestead villa rests in the grounds of 37 acres at the edge of Woodhill Forest and adjacent to beautiful Lake Kereta.
  • Celtic Angels (ClareDouglas) - Angel Readings, Angel Workshops and Angel Parties ~ It's not your imagination! You are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist you in every area of your life. The angels are amongst us, now more than ever before!
  • Dana Wellness Centre (DanaWellnessCentre) - Under Construction
  • Edens (SusanMaynard) - Experience the natural power and advantages of herbs and enhance your animals health and wellbeing.
  • Colour Coaching (ColourComfort) - Discover the power and meaning behind the colours you wear. Have an emotional makeover!!!
  • Matariki Essence: Create The Life You Want (MatarikiEssence) - Our range of 45 different essences and room sprays, which are avaliable in sets of 12 or as individaul essences, are lovingly made to help individuals and families overcome fears and self limiting beliefs so that they create the life they want
  • Energy Link (HelenAnderson) - At Energy Link I offer EFT Universal Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy. EFT cleans out congestion and emotional conflict in your energy system. This then allows the immune system to function as it should. Often works when nothing else will.
  • Blue Lotus Services (NatalieZeigler) - Collection of Workshops and Evenings of a Spiritual Nature. TantraSpeedDating, All-Love Heart Centered Healing, Reiki Training, Retreat Center, Blue Lotus Clinic in Albany AND MORE!
  • The Alchemy of Healing (MachelBurgering) - Channelled High Energies for Healing and Transformation with Light Language (sound and light), Hands on Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy. 'Aura Ascension Sprays' for Clearing, Calming and Centering
  • Backmag - Its all about helping people (Backmag) - Revitalise and Energize Yourself
  • Energy Works (EnergyWorks) - Energy Works offers Animal and Personal healing. Whether it be Reiki, Magnetic/Auric healing, Atlantis Rising healing, Spiritual healing, and Bach Flower essences. All healing is offered with compassion, empathy and integrity
  • The Art of Health (KimKnight) - The Art and Science of Wellbeing
  • Psychic Budgies (HelenWattie) - Holistic products for healthy minds and bodies
  • Da Vinci Thinking ~ Developing potential from within (DaVinciThinking) - Leonardo da Vinci (genius artist and inventor) was born in the time of the Renaissance. We are again in a time of cultural re-birth. Da Vinci thinking techniques allow us to develop greater awareness and understanding of ourselves.

holistic network,holistic approach,lohas,organic,natural,natural health,natural living,spiritual directory,holistic directory,holistic living, holistic health,alternative health,alternative lifestyle,holistic lifestyle,health