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MIL-Therapy (Magnetic Infrared Laser Therapy) is a no pain, no invasion, and no noise technique. Treatments are gentle, safe and effective.

Four components are in action in the healing treatments (magnetic field, infrared, laser and red colour). They each have specific effects on the body and when combined the result is greatly improved.

It can be used when you have pain (bone (fracture), tooth, tendon/muscle (sports injuries), nerves, joints, sprain, arthritis, arthrosis), painful period, gout), have a wound (diabetic ulcer, scar, burn), before and after surgery, need a immunity stimulation (sinusitis, ear infection, bronchitis, sore throat, urinary infection) or a biostimulation (after long hospital stay, after birth, depressive state, to relieve stress)

Bach flower remedies are a gentle mean to support all aspects of your psycho-emotional life. Dr Bach has used the energy of 38 flowers to help people who are misbalanced in 7 emotional states: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair and over-care for welfare of others. For instance people who are anxious can use the 5 fears flowers or less, with anger emotion you can use Holly, flower of anger, but we have to check what is the origin of this misbalance and then add one or more flowers. The more precise we can determine the misbalance and the quickest will be the result that is the goal of the first consultation. The following consultations will be an adaptation of the emotional change lived by the person and a check if we have to modify or not the previous personal mix.

Relaxing, therapeutic massages and seated massage: all my massages are based on the following rule, “give to the body what it needs and not what mental only wants”. I have learned so much this rule when I was working with persons with motor disability. If you touch them on the wrong place they instantaneously retract and you have to start again all your work to relax them. Before I start to give a massage I ask you questions to know your medical state but also to know what your are living at the present moment and to understand better what are your body expectations. After this I suggest you a combination of massage techniques and essentials oils that will give you the most appropriate effects to your personal situation.

Foot reflexology: this is the most well-know reflexology of the public and a good start before to try other reflexotherapies. As past podiatrist, this method has kept all my attention because it is working on the whole body and on all the main systems (like digestive, respiratory, nervous, hormonal). It is also the time a wonder of feeling discovery for my clients This reflexology is helpful for relaxation, problem of digestion, headache, painful periods, all sorts of pain, sinusitis, sore throat, bronchitis, give more energy after sickness, after birth and during depression.

Facial reflexology: ideal method for people who are very stressed or enjoy short session (1/2 hour) and want something efficient. This reflexology is based on the stimulation of acupuncture, acupressure and nerves points with a glass stick. I will also choose with you one or two essential oils to improve the effect of the treatment and to have actions on your whole body. The main indications are stress and its consequences, all sort of pain, respiratory problems, stimulation of your vitality.

Endonasal reflexology: quiet the same approach than facial reflexology but the stimulation is with soft to hard thin steel stick inside the nose. As it is not really comfortable I use the light (MIL-Therapy) crossing inside a fibreglass probe too and when I have to treat sinusitis I use cotton stick soaked of diluted essential oils mix. The stimulations are usually very short (some seconds to some minutes) and for this reason I don’t use as a monotherapy but as complement with other.

Aromatherapy: it is the use of essentials oils (E.O.) and this therapy offer different approaches. I learn the French school where the chemical aspect is extremely important because all the ways to use E.O. are used (pure, diluted, to breath, to take orally, in massage, in compress, in suppository, in capsules or ovules) and because E.O could have severe side effects. This approach is mainly therapeutic. I use E.O in different massage techniques, reflexotherapies and as personal preparations to treat specific needs (like treatment of wound, scar and infection, repellent, atmospheric diffusion).

My other way of using E.O. is the osmotherapy which is a psycho-emotional support like Bach Flower Remedies but using at the same time the chemical aspect as well the energy of the E.O.

Lithotherapy: is the use of minerals and stones. It could be crystals and rough, polished or facetted stones. I employ this therapy for energy process (like to clean the different layers of the holistic body, as protection, to balance the psycho-emotiona aspectl, in case of sensation of unreality or not being grounded) and in meditation sessions. It's an excellent support to balance the body or to work on chakras. I also advice for specific action in room to create special atmosphere like softness, happiness, healing energy reassurance and dynanmism.

Holistic consultation: consist in a choice of different methods like described before plus endonasal reflexology, work on the different layers of the holistic body (and other to discover) according to needs.

I use this kind of session in some specific situations. When you need a lot of energy and concentration to achieve something during the day (examination, interview, performance), when your health situation is stacked (you have try so many different things without a result), when you want to go deeper in your research in your journey or in your personal introspection, when you are so misbalanced that I cannot use only one method. It could be also in case of a physical or psycho-emotional shock (crash, mugging, suicide attempt, rape, burn out, mobbing, depression) and the goal is to answer to an emergency situation and to centre the person. I don’t want to substitute myself to a medical doctor but to work in complement with and to help you for your return to a well being state.

Relaxation, meditation: what I offer to you during this/these meditation session(s) it’s a learning to relax yourself by using breath (common point of the different meditation school). Then to access to a body awareness, ideal state for meditation. I will also present you different tools (colours, pictures, essential oils, music, Bach flower and stones) to improve and go deeper in your meditation. Each experience is unique and you will emerge of your session like a new person! All themes of life can be approach like stress, spirituality, sport, long disease, personal development. I simply invite you to enjoy for an individual or group meditation during a single or multiple sessions.

Mastitis: Bach flower remedies, foot reflexology, MIL-Therapy.

“I would just like to thank Cedric for the 3 sessions I received. Found it to be a great experience and after the 2 session’s I noticed a big change within my body.

In the past after giving birth to my 3 children I have suffered from cracked nipples and mastitis. So after the birth of my fourth child I was referred to Cedric from my midwife to try his practise to see how it will help this time around as I have cracks in 7 of my boob’s. So far it is heeling really well and there are no signs of mastitis.

I feel really great, well and have a lot of energy especially a session from Cedric.

Thanks again. Good luck with your practice.

Yours sincerely”

M. L.    Masterton, 07.07.2009