colour coaching, colour therapy, emotional makeover
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"Discover the power and meaning behind the colours you wear........"

Do you want to influence the way you feel?

Do you want to influence how others respond to you?

Do you want to get your message across?

Do you want to improve the image of your business?

Behind every colour is an emotion and a message!

Colour Coaching is a unique system that decodes the universal language of colour. Change what is happening in your life by altering the colours you wear on a daily basis. Colour Coaching guides you to introduce more colours into your life which can transform your outlook and outcomes, and unearth hidden qualities that may have lain dormant for years.

A Colour Coaching Consultation will reveal:

coloured shirts

Your strengths and struggles at this point in time

Why you are not achieving your full potential

How your goals and aspirations can be fast tracked

How you can harness the power of colour to experience more of what you want; for example, greater energy levels, confidence, clarity, focus, balance....

Following your Colour Coaching Consultation, you will receive a personalized report and a colour chart which allows you to monitor the colours you wear.

It does not have to mean an expensive overhaul of your wardrobe either. A t-shirt, blouse or polo shirt can make the world of difference in balancing your life and attracting what you desire. Use the power of colour to achieve your full potential.

Once you are aware of the meaning of colour you will never look at your wardrobe in the same way again!


This unique Colour Coaching system is not about matching colours to your skin tone, but about using colour to more fully express and develop your true personality and potential.

Colour Coaching is

your emotional make-over

You will not only look good

from the outside

but more importantly,

you will feel good from the inside!



Colour Coaching

Colour Coaching is Colour Therapy for everyone, using the power of colour for an emotional make-over.

Colour is a universal language. Whenever you wear colour, you are communicating instantly how you feel about yourself.

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Colour Comfort


Colour is the fastest way of communicating. Before you have opened your mouth you have made your first impression with the colours you are wearing.Do you know what they are saying?

colour coaching, colour therapy, emotional makeover