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ND, MS (USA), Dip.App.Irid, Dip.BioChem, CL, HbT

David blends over 5 years of scientific training as a Microbiologist & Biochemist working for the National health Institute in Wellington in the 1980’s, with over 7 years training in 3 countries gaining 5 qualifications in different modalities in Natural Medicine from NZ, Australia & the USA.

He is dedicated to mixing the latest 21st Century advances in Health Technology with time honoured Nature-Cure wisdom from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians & Chinese spanning thousands of years. He uses several hi tech pieces of equipment combined with detailed questioning and intuitive guidance to formulate answers to health questions that may have plagued patients for years.

Trained to think out of the square and as a result of his decades of experience he specializes in difficult to treat cases. He uses computerized Hemaview Live Wet & Dry Blood Analysis, digital Advanced Eye Diagnosis (not medical diagnosis) using latest advances in Iridology & Sclerology, advanced Applied Kinesiology, & VLA techniques combined with several detailed questionnaires to determine specific areas that can be improved and reassessed to optimize patients Health, Wellness & Vitality regardless of medical diagnosis.

· Iridology and Sclerology

· Hemaview

· GDV Kirlian Photography

· VLA Analysis

· Master Sclerologist

· Wellness & Vitality Coach

David also does public speaking and guest spots for various organizations to promote real Health & Wellness concepts within the community.

To make an appointment or to book him for a public speaking engagement please phone his office on Auckland 09 443 2788 or email info [at]

In full time private practice since 1986

“Dedicated to your Wellness, Vitality & Longevity”