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Delaine Jones - Counsellor & Life Strategy Coach

Delaine Jones – Counsellor & Life Strategy Coach

Delaine has developed a unique approach to counseling and life strategy coaching. By tracing your history back to childhood, and finding the first life hurt or disappointment which created your current difficulties, Delaine helps you get to the bottom of them. You don’t require endless sessions with her to crack your difficulty and begin ways of changing it.

Delaine JonesHer training in Re-evalutation Counselling prepared her for identifying patterns of behaviour which people often mistake for personality, and which are the culprits behind most depressions, addictions and even ways of coping with anger, grief and other emotional reactions that people can’t control. By the time your first hour is complete, you have many BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) of pure awareness as to why your life has its difficulties.

Delaine periodically has appeared on National Radio, giving advice to listeners.  People everywhere at any moment are hungry for solutions to their life's dilemmas.  Relationships that end up in conflict, sibling histories tattered by hurt and unforgiveness.  The list goes on....

Delaine has also worked with Corporate Teams where employees, or employers are having difficulties with mangement issues, addictions and isolation in leadership. People totally underestimate how quickly Counsellors like Delaine can simplify many of the issues, by being well informed and with over 25 years of vast experience both here in NZ and overseas.

Because she can see outside your patterns she can help you break them

She has a particular empathy for the nature of problems that each of the sexes have. Men find her pragmatic and practical to work with and both men and women find her succinct and to the point about the endless cycles which they are trapped in. Her in-depth study of how men and women’s patterns sit in the ways they relate to each other, answers many of the blocked or hidden misunderstanding of the opposite sex.

Men and women have been set up to perform in certain ways not only through society’s conditioning, but also through inherited methods of oppression of each other. During her classes it is not uncommon that women will cry listening to a panel of men talking about the ways they have been hurt in their lives. Similarly men go quiet when they hear the stories of women in how they put themselves last in almost everything they do.

Both men and women can experience these hurts, however men’s distresses differ greatly to women’s. Just a few ideas of how each sex supports the misunderstandings which get passed down from generation to generation, Delaine brings this information to her clients and before long they are no longer under the influence of those attitudes and enables them to choose more benefital ways of being through simple information and support.

Delaine can help you change to a considerable degree and in most cases completely

She will help you with:-

  • Depression
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Communication skills
  • Executive/corporate stress
  • Corporate Human Relations Issues
  • Health issues stemming from blocked emotions
  • Cultural awareness
  • Lifestyle/career guidance
  • Crisis management
  • Support for difficult transitions
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Finding the elusive partner
  • Addictions
  • Relationship training/skills
  • Couples Counselling
  • Family Counselling

Call Delaine for a no obligation chat and you will have a sense that you are not alone any more, and you will be well informed to make real changes in your life.

The EQuilibrium Human Development Centre
541a Remuera Rd
Ph 09 372 9082
Mobile 021 707 163