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Earth Energies’ Kawakawa Gel, Creams & Vibrational Remedies

Earth Energies product range

Earth Energies specialise in a unique range of Kawakawa based creams and ointments, we also specialise in vibrational remedies, offering an extensive buy now range and custom made option for individual needs.

New To the Earth~ Asscension Waters ~ Flow into being

This range of essences, are to assist humanity in their shift towards higher consciousness.

Each individual essence is an alchemical formulation of various elements, minerals, flora and fauna and includes the imprinted energy of a Master.

The first Ascension Water will be Solar Light which contains the Imprinted energy of Lao Tze, a 2nd ray Master of Love, Wisdom and Joy.  The essence also contains the vibrational essence of Dolphin for Joy, Amber to activate the spark of God within, Mother of Pearl for innocence and purity and Honey Bee for life sustenance and support.

"The golden star is located in the vicinity of the solar plexus ~ sol meaning sun.

At this centre, we were once connected by an umbilical cord that was our life line, within the mother’s womb, here we were nurtured from conception to the time of our physical birth, our incarnation into the physical plane.

Here also resides the seed of light that was planted by the Divine, (the ever permanent connection) this seed or permanent atom is the ‘God Spark’ within our being, the ‘place of the central sun’. It is here where we hold our light, where our personality resides ~ the solar plexus, the place of the incarnate soul."

This first Ascension Water will be released on July 22nd – both from my website  and Verna's on

Our vibrational Essences & Elixirs are particularly suited to use for emotional patterns held in the sub-conscious. Pure New Zealand spring water is used as a base which acts as a medium through which subtle information is transferred. for example:

Kawa Essence can move to a deep level, getting to the heart of the matter, aids emotional cleansing from long standing issues. Brings balance and grace.

NZRescue Essence Brings calm in times of need. Wonderful for children & animals.

'The Kawa Essence was exceptional - Safe and gentle and so very effective.
 I have used NZRescue Essence with wonderful results and have also given it to friends and family for almost instant calming and healing.'
Jenni Bancroft - Auckland

Aotearoa Elixir The 'Be Still' Essence, Allows one to 'Be' and to be still. Use in times when situations become 'to much'. Bestows gentle calm and courage in these times of deep change upon the Earth.


Essence 2009

Essence 2009 was co-created to serve individuals to assist in the journey toward higher divinity. The synergistic blend of moldavite, meteorite & Paua can serve you, by merging it's unique signature/characteristic with your energies to bring about change, and assist personal growth on all levels.

Moldavite: Emerald Light
Acceleration: For those who serve in truth, assists in rapid growth in all area's of ones life.

Enables one to clear all that is not required for personal growth: Outmoded ideas and emotional habits, whatever you know on a deep level that needs to be released. For those who are struggling to adjust to a world with such strong polarities.

Meteorite: Grounding the Ethereal
Enables the recognition and change of unwanted thought patterns, strengthens the will.
Grounds the ethereal. Softens the 'hard' blows in life.

Paua Shell: Rainbow Light
Paua reflects the beauty from within & helps to enhance clarity when making decisions. Paua aligns to the ancestral paths, allowing for wisdom & knowledge to be re-connected. Balances the feminine aspects within & offers protection from outside infuences, calming & nurturing.

Hamurana spring waterEarth Energies creams and ointments are made from organic plant extracts, vegetable oils that nourish the skin and pure beeswax. Pure, natural New Zealand spring water is the basis of our products, the frequency patterns held in its structure contain crystalline energy patterns. Water is the carrier of energy, information and life-force. Photo opp: Hamurana Spring Water.

Earth Energies use only pure essential oils, organic where possible, which are synergistically blended to enhance healing properties.

Earth Energies Vibrational Remedies are blended into the skin products to promote healing on all levels.
See our products page for a full list of Kawakawa products & Vibrational Remedies.

5sQwA-earthenergiesleaf.jpgThe Kawakawa based skin creams and ointments are formulated for many common everyday conditions. Our customers find much relief from painful joints, arthritis & rheumatism, muscle aches & pains, & sports injuries with Kawa Relief.

Kawa Gel users find great relief from eczema, skin rashes, insect bites & stings, chaffing, cuts & scratches, sore dry lips, the list keeps growing as a first aid. Every pocket should have one!
Our number one best seller.

I used the kawa gel for my daughter who has eczema all over her body. Since using the Kawa Gel her skin has improved so much. I recommend this ointment to anyone with skin irritations to help maintain a normal balance, and keep itchiness under control. Awesome product.
J. Taare, Rotorua
see more:  testimonials page here

Kawa Cream
is deeply moisturizing and is used to soothe the skin, useful for skin rashes, burns, sun burn, boils & bruising.


vibrational essences, elixirs, eczema, pain relief, kawakawa, lip balm, chakra, cosmic ray, emotional healing, rescue essence,