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Welcome to  Energy Works

Animal and Personal Healing

Atlantis Rising Healing

Reiki - Magnetic/Auric Healing

Bach Flower Essences

Energy is the pure, Universal Life Force that surrounds us always! It is in every living creature and form - from our animals, to ourselves, to plants, crystals and insects. Even the very air that we breathe, to the water that we drink - it is all Universal Energy!

Without energy - life would just cease to exist.        



Energy Works is all about using this Universal energy, to its maximum potential, to assist us to be in balance, health and harmony, within ourselves, for ourselves, and our beloved animals, on all levels.

Energy can be used to assist us and our animals with our healing in many different forms; through Reiki, Spiritual Healing, the energy of plants and flowers as in Bach Flower Essences, crystals - so many ways are available to us when the intention is honest, clear and heart felt.

Walking through the bush, standing at the water's edge, been at one with all that Mother Nature has given us - this is healing too. Healing does not need to be complicated. Keep it simple.

"I am passionate about all Energy Work – and am always striving to learn more –and I love to be able to assist others to experience this wonderful Healing, Love and Light that surrounds us always.

I am always seeking more knowledge in working with this beautiful Energy. To be able to offer Energy Healing to People and their Pets and Animals, to assist them where ever I can in their Healing Journey is an Honour. One which I take seriously and I endeavour always to do the very best that I can with compassion, empathy and integrity."



Energy Works offers the following services: 

Please note - all Healing Modalities offered here are Complimentary to other types of healing applications and medication(s)

Please note also, that I do not ' diagnose' during any Healing session


Personal Healing:

 Our bodies are actually designed to heal themselves!

Unfortunately, we tend to live in more stressful and difficult times, which often can be seen to interfere with this natural process. This can then result in ill health, stress related issues, and other inbalances within our body and energy field. Personal issues, grief, loss and sadness can also be a leading factor too. 

Energy healing can also be just for pleasure too! Something that we all deserve, and require, from time to time.

Personal Healing can assist with:                                                       

  • Healing to promote general health and well being
  • Emotional healingSaRb0-HolisticHands.jpg
  • Stress related issues
  • Body and chakra balancing
  • Pain management
  • Post/prior surgery
  • For relaxation and pleasure
  • Healing after illness or accident

Modalities available are;

  • Reiki
  • Magnetic/Auric Healing
  • Atlantis Rising Healing 
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Bach Flower Essences

 These are available in person, or by way of remote/distant healing


Animal Healing:    

Animals respond so positively and openly to Energy Healing on all levels. From the physical, as in soft tissue injury or accident, to emotional healing from trauma or past memories, to sickness and age related issues, to stress of their environment or situations. They are so open hearted - . They often do not allow their 'heads' to get in their way of their Healing process - unlike some of us - hence their great response to this form of healing.

Energy healing will complement all other forms of healing and medication that they may be receiving at that particular time. Energy healing is for all animals, cats dogs, horses, rabbits, birds etc. 

"I have had wonderful success with remote/distance healing will animals. This allows the animal to receive healing anywhere in New Zealand, or in the World for that matter! I have developed a technique that I refer to as* 'Remote Emotional Release' healing. This allows me to link and communicate with an animal, regardless of location, and assist it to release the emotional basis for its ill health, behavioural change, stress, or any other issue that may be causing an imbalance or health issue within them at that time. They are also able to receive 'physical' healing at this time as well."

Animal Healing can assist with:


  • Healing after injury or illness
  • Behavioural or habit changes
  • Stress related issues
  • Chronic and/or acute pain
  • Healing after sickness
  • Age related issues
  • General health maintenance

Modalities available are:

  • Reiki
  • Spiritual healing
  • Magnetic/Auric Healing
  • *Remote Emotional Release
  • Bach Flower Essences

 These are available in person, or by way of remote/distant healing.


Bach Flower Essences                        SC2Fr-HolisticBachFlowerbottles.jpg                     

Bach Flower Essences were first fully developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s. There are 38 Remedies that are used.

Everyday emotions such as Fear, Grief, Anger, Worry, Anxiety, Stress etc are known to be able to deplete our bodies of vital its Energy. Over time, our bodies can lose it's natural resistance to dis-ease, rendering us susceptible to illness and infections. Bach Flower remedies allow for peace and balance to return to our body, thus allowing it to be free to heal itself.

Bach Flower Essences work on a very gentle, sublte, yet deep level within our emotional core, which in turn, can often work on the physical level as well.

Bach Flower essences were once thought of as an alternative medicine. However, they are actually a complimentary medicine, and work very well with all other types of medicines and healing modalities, such as mainstream Western style medicine, or other natural remedies.

Animals also benefit greatly from the use of Bach Flower essences.

A Personalised Remedy is available for people and/or your animal. This is a specific remedy that will assist you or your animal, with your personal situation.

To blend this personalised remedy for you,a photo is requested,or in the case of an animal, a sample of hair/fur is also suitable. This is then dowsed over to produce the most accurate remedy for you or your animal. A Personalised remedy can be up to 8 different essences, mixed in with natural spring water and a small amount of brandy to act as a preservative.

Alcohol free Remedies are available on request. However, there shelf life is limited for up to 4-6 weeks in the refrigerator.

A written report is supplied as well, so that you may see what remedy has been chosen, and for what reason, and what the remedy will assist you with.

Bach Flower essences are totally safe for everyone; animals, elderly and babies as well

Rescue 5 Remedy and Sleep Rescue is available in a 25ml bottle

NEW! Animal Stress Blend is also available in 25ml bottle. This is ideal for your pet when travelling, moving house, spraying, or there are changes in your pet's environment, or any situation in which your pet may become stressed

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Should you have any inquiries or questions, please contact us on the following 


GST - Energy Works will not be increasing our prices for product, services or postage at this time.



Phone: 09) 4446374

Mobile: 021 1254268


Jeanne Northwood

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animal healing, horse healing,equine healing, cat, dog,personal healing,energy healing, spiritual healing, healing, reiki, bach flowers,atlantis rising, magnetic healing, remote, distance,