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How to turn your child "ON" and "OFF"

Do you have a child who struggles with concentration and learning?
Would you like an explanation that makes sense, as to why your child is

Has your child been given one of the following labels?
ADD, ADHD, Low Muscle Tone, poor concentration, Hypersensitivity to sound and other stimuli, poor auditory integration, Tactile defensive, Asperges syndrome, Autism.

At Family Focus we offer the following assessments for your child:
1. A Listening test and tree test
2. Genetic Brain Dominance Profile
3. Detailed case history

"We are dynamic beings we require a dynamic solution!"

By having these assessments you will:

  • Receive in-depth information about your child and his/her functioning.
  • Shed light on why your child is having the difficulties they are experiencing.

The key to the integrated approach, is finding the different causes of your child's difficulties. A multi disciplinary approach allows one to treat emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Clinics are set up In Remuera and in Torbay.

Talks are given monthly so you can hear about the technique as well as watch a demonstration of Brain Dominance Profiling. Visit the family focus website to get the date for the next talk.


For more information visit our website: