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My name is Helen Anderson and my passion is EFT. I believe EFT to be one of the most powerful and efficient forms of healing for dissolving disruptions in the bodys energy system. When undertaken by a well trained Practitioner, core issues can be identified and 'tapped' away surprisingly quickly and more often than not, relativley painlessly.

Using EFT often enables the client to have such a profound cognitive shift they no longer can identify with their issue. It feels like something that has happen to someone else or at least in their distant past.

When the Meridian system is flowing freely, you no longer place importance on the 'trivialities' in life. Reducing emotional instensity allows you to feel relaxed and able to lead a life of great self empowerment.

EFT is safe, simple and great for children too.

An added bonus...I can teach you how to tap for yourself and manage your won day to day issues.