tarot, crystals, new age, workshops, occult, health, energy enhancement
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well-being products and workshopsEveryone has the ability to develop their intuition and enhance their psychic energy or clairvoyant skills. I help people to discover the tools and practices that best suit the individual in order to recognise, develop and maintain these natural abilities.

My advice and knowledge allows people to "short-cut" the usual learning curve - mainly because, after 20 years on this learning curve myself, I can recognise the natural skills in my students and guide them in the direction of the knowledge, techniques and tools that will most inspire and suit the individual.

I run various workshops starting with Lesson 1: Energy Enhancement Techniques.

My website features wholesale pricing on products such as Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps, Crystals, candles, Tarot cards and other items I use myself.  A lot of these items are things I have  found difficult, frustrating and expensive to try to find in the past.  I have gone to a lot of trouble to find suppliers who are reliable and feature high quality items I can pass on to my friends, family members, students and now website visitors!

Energy Enhancement Techniques workshop is a two day comprehensive and very "hands on" course designed to introduce people to multiple tools (incl. Meditation, Tarot, Fire thoughts, Palmistry etc) to develop your intuition and self awareness featuring proven fast track methods. By the end of the two day course, students are able to recognize unexpected abilities within themselves that will assist them in their day to day lives. This is a fun course filled with practical and useful information. All students receive a very comprehensive manual, useful for both beginners and advanced students. Visit www.budgies.co.nz to read genuine feedback from previous workshop participants. Book now 09 8205900. $250 includes your two day workshop and manual.  Note:  Holistic Living members receive a 50% discount.

tarot, crystals, new age, workshops, occult, health, energy enhancement