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Happy4Life Network
Empowering knowledge, tools and support groups to create a healthy, happy, abundant life in Positive Community !

Are you happy with the way your life is going ? Why not make 2009 your best year ever !

Are you ready to make empowering changes to create a healthier, happier, more prosperous and wonderful life for yourself and your loved ones ?

Happy4Life is fully committed to helping you achieve this, in an easy-to-follow  affordable way, by inviting you to join (initially in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) a network of support groups providing empowering guidelines to enhance every area of your life.

Most people use around 10% of their potential, simply because they were never taught How Life Works, and how we create our own reality through our : conditioning, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, emotions, words,  actions, and habits.

"As Within, So Without". Once we learn to :

(i) release old beliefs and emotions that hold us back,and

(ii) carefully control what goes INTO the four parts of our Being (body, mind, heart, and soul); we discover that the results we experience are a direct outcome of these learned actions.

Then we begin to choose Consciously, in full awareness, our journey in life - we walk down a road that will take us where we want to end up, and avoid self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, words and actions that do not serve us.

network, empowerment, body, mind, heart, soul