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Great Spirit

About Jo Hutchinson

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Jo has worked across multiple industries and had multiple roles from small companies to large organizations. The common thread is her desire to help people grow. She says it is incredibly rewarding to be “the wind beneath someone’s wings,” to help them fly and to believe in themselves and then watch them succeed: “I often see the hidden potential in others so it is really inspiring to help then discover it themselves.”

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Our Purpose


The purpose of Great Spirit New Zealand is to help individuals and companies grow.

We do this through speaking events and through workshops, led by Jo Hutchinson. These are aimed at helping you to understand the concept of purpose and why it is so important in your life and in your business.

Finding your Great Spirit

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Helping you to be clear about what you really stand for - your values and the foundations to growth.

Jo has led a significant organisation in New Zealand to be values based. It was through this experience and her many years as a senior executive where she worked with hundreds of staff that she started not only her own inner journey but also recognized the potential inside each and everyone of us.

"We have more abilities and potentials within us than we ever live out."

Sadly most of us simply survive life; we are not really thriving or growing to become all that we can be.

We are masters at holding ourselves back. To create the new, we must create space so first we need to let go the old; the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that no longer serve us and keep us stuck.


The world is changing and we are all experiencing a period of rapid change on a global level. Some believe that we are entering into a new age, a new paradigm and what used to work for us before, will no longer work going forward. In times of rapid change, we need fresh thinking and fresh ideas. We need new leaders or at least a new style of leadership; one that embraces both the heart and the head, one that unites people to a common cause and takes responsibility for working for the greater good of their people, their community, their country and the environment. Everything is inter-linked and people are already demanding more from our leaders.

Leader of your own life

Jo says: “the people I want to work with are the people who want to be leaders in their own life and in their work. I love to work with people who are committed to their own growth and development and with leaders in business who understand that they create the organisational experience. I believe that as we grow, we help our people grow and that this is fundamental to business growth”

Great Spirit Jouneys

Personal Development Journeys

Personal Development Journeys

The purpose of Great Spirit Journeys is to provide spiritually enriching experiences to those who are committed to their personal growth and development.

If you are passionate about your growth, about being your authentic self and you love to travel, then Great Spirit Journeys are for you.


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"Discover" says it all. For there is much to discover within ourselves and much to discover outside ourselves. A whole world of knowledge, wisdom and experiences are waiting for you to discover. Our journeys are life changing and transformational. Journeys that you will never forget. Journeys that will simply change your life.


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Travel brings richness to our life experiences.

Everyone has a travel story to tell, from the most amazing sights, tastes and smells to the feelings of the places visited. Lasting impressions often come from the most unexpected, unplanned elements of a trip; often when you are challenged - from lost luggage, to extremes of weather, to languages that we don't understand and being in places that are unfamiliar to us.

We often discover more about ourselves, who we really are when we travel especially, when this is combined with the intent to grow and develop. Our journeys provide both the travel experience with the inner journey so that you may be more of your authentic self.

Creating our future

Great Spirit Journeys reflect both our inner and outer worlds, using both worlds to help us fully embrace who we are, what we have created and how we got to this point in our lives. More importantly, Great Spirit Journeys help us to identify what we want to create for our future and to shape who we are being and who we are becoming.

Workshops and Meditation

You will experience a number of workshops and meditations through your journey led by Jo Hutchinson. Jo generates a safe and nurturing environment allowing you to explore all aspects of your self and your life. She will help you come to a greater level of understanding and awareness of how you approach life so you become more conscious of the power of your choices and how they, in turn, can empower who you are.

Ancient and sacred sites

Experiencing the ancient sacred sites and their energies around the world will bring you closer to the ancient wisdom of earlier cultures. You will gain valuable insights into the people and the culture as well as feel the unique energy signatures imbued in each sacred site. The wealth of insights and experiences from these visits will be woven into the workshops at both the group and personal level.

Join us and "Discover" your Great Spirit

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