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Welcome to Singing Earth Publishing

Hello and Kia Ora from Down Under in Auckland, New Zealand.

My name is Gaia Sharne Singer and I want to thank you so much for visiting the Singing Earth webpage. I trust that you will enjoy your time here.

Our Mission Statement is:

To provide books and products which inspire, guide and encourage positive change, thereby helping people to move away from belief systems that no longer serve them well.

Because my life has been rather rocky with many twists and turns and with a lot of my choices creating numerous challenges for myself and others along the way, I now have the desire to write self-help books where I pass on to you the keys and understandings that have helped me turn my life around for the better.

I have found that the more I choose to move forward in my life with joy and gratitude in my heart (leaving the pains, judgements, and poor me’s of victimhood behind), the more my life, as I know it, is changing in the most exciting and incredible ways.

For example: I composed and put on my wall: I INTEND that I AM always full of GRATITUDE when paying for any product or service, as I see my payments as JOYFUL THANKS for what I have received.

By encouraging myself to see these payments as something to be grateful for and to be joyful about, instead of being uptight and fearful about, (after all I actually have chosen to purchase that product or service), I have found the way to let money flow back to me with ease.

And the reason I chose the name, Singing Earth, is not only because it is a play on my name – Gaia (Earth Mother) Singer (Singing), but because I truly believe that every time someone does a genuine act from the heart (without any expectation of getting something back in return), our beloved Earth sings.


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May you always find the gifts within the challenges of your life.

With much gratitude and love to you,


singing earth, gaia singer, books, e-books