kinesiology,kinesiologist,therapist,inspirational speaker
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‘Freedom Catching’ definitely leads to Positive Life Balance

Judith PatersonJudith Paterson a professional therapist, expert trainer and motivational powerhouse, uses her vast experience as a health professional and inspirational speaker to show people how to pinpoint what is holding them back and then ‘Catch their Freedom’ in any given situation.  

Knowing the mind and body are intimately linked, Judith works on all levels utilising a variety of professional skills to provide people with the tools to set them free to pursue their dreams. No matter whether you have a physical health challenge, emotional blockage or need help to find your path in life Judith will help your attain your goals.

Judith first trained as a teacher, and proved herself as a highly respected educator at both primary and secondary school levels. She was then drawn to the health therapies field in 1993, and has since taught and practiced as a professional in health and training in New Zealand and the UK.

Judith draws on a base of knowledge and skill in multiple disciplines such as Kinesiology, Sports Therapy and Nutritional education. Her passion and purpose is to inspire and empower her clients to establish the positive balance they wish to create in their lives.

The high degree of integrity and excellence that Judith displays professionally and personally, has been recognised by both medical professionals and educationalists. They have the utmost respect for Judith and have no hesitation in referring clients to her.

“Your freedom is always there inside you, just waiting to be caught.”
                                                 Judith Paterson, Freedom Catcher 

kinesiology,kinesiologist,therapist,inspirational speaker