Massage, Women, Reflexology, Ear Candling, Sinus, excess wax
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Lyn Forscutt Hodgkiss
Qualified Therapist NZCM

17 Years experience

Phone: (09) 444 7454
Mobile : 0274 461 498 or tx message

Massage for Women only
1 Hour or 1½ Hour Appointments
Cost: $50 1 hour, $75 1½ hour per session


Working with the soft tissue of the body, inducing relaxation and providing stress and tension relief.
necessity for all ages in today’s busy, modern world!
Deep Tissue
A more intense massage where different depths, strokes and pressures are applied.
Great for injury relief and sports

1 Hour Appointments
Cost: $50 per session
May be included in massage session.
A technique using a sensitive area of the body, the feet, where Chi (energy) can be manipulated to create ultimate balance throughout the whole person.
Discover the
relationship between the feet and the organs within the body, how systems can be balanced and healed.

Ear Candling
1 Hour Appointments
Cost: $55 per session
Includes candles.
A pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of the pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses.
Soothing for people
suffering earaches and headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the
ears), stress and nervousness. Relax, let go and revitalise...

Ear Candling, a soothing, relaxing therapy that may assist with:
Sinus, Ear Wax, Pressure Pain when Flying or Diving


The Benefits of Ear Candling

Dries excess ear wax and fluids, allowing it to fall out. 
Current or recent ear infections, excess fluid from swimming

Relieve sinus pressure pain (when flying or diving)?

Suffer from narrow passages or Polyps?
Lymphatic Drainage (gentle massage) increases flow of fluids

 ** Not Recommended with recent ear drum perforations, grommets within 18 months,
or recent ear surgery.

From Office personal, flight attendants, builders, divers, Elderly - to name a few.
With over Eleven Years experience, ear candling is well worth a try.

Candles for Sale

 An Ear Candling Session

While candle slowly burns, gentle Lymphatic Massage across face and neck area, boosts the secretion in the sinus passage way.

Often, for most clients, the treatment sounds like listening to a sea shell.
Gentle and relaxing enough, to fall asleep.

The effect after treatment is a soothing, pressure and pain relieving sensation, clearer nasal breathing and a wonderful relaxed feeling.

**The procedure, is not intended to claim a cure for any disease or condition.
Not designed to take place of medical treatment.

 Ear Candling Client Feedback

"I suffer from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, which means that my sinuses are often blocked and one of my ears blocks up periodically. Its a great relief to go to Lyn and have my ears candled. The process is gentle and soothing. So much so that I fall asleep! The blockages clear, and my head no longer feels full of cotton wool. I would recommend ear candling with Lyn for anyone suffering from sinus and ear issues."

Jan Haldane, Auckland

"I often have ear candling done as I live around lots of pollens and suffer with sinus pain and Polyps"

Lynne, Helensville

We are responsible for our own Health choices.


All Sessions by appointment only. This includes purchases.

Please note: Sessions are by appointment only.
24 hours notice is required for cancellations of appointments.
Full charge applies to late cancellations or missed appointments.

Contact: Lyn Forscutt Hodgkiss  NZCM
Lavender Haven

Moved to Orewa. Please phone for address

Phone: (09) 444 7454
Mobile : 0274 461 498 or tx message

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Massage, Women, Reflexology, Ear Candling, Sinus, excess wax