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Spiritual Life Coaching and EFT

Hi, welcome to Live Your Life, I’m Owen Malpas, a Life Coach and EFT Practitioner from New Zealand.

I have been involved in personal growth for over 6 years and recently discovered the great power of Emotional Freedom Technique and how it helps, not only a great tool for reaching our personal goals but also an effective method of therapy, whether it be a headache or getting over a traumatic experience.

At Live Your Life, I offer not only life coaching to reach your desires but also EFT as a different form of treatment. I am passionate about EFT and help people achieve emotional freedom with any issue in their lives. I use surrogate muscle testing and intuitive EFT.

My EFT and coaching is done over the internet using Skype or any other messenger program, so I can reach you where ever you are in the world. It also means you, the valued client can have the benefits of coaching or EFT is a surrounding which feels comfortable to you.

  • Release emotional blocks preventing you from moving forward
  • Learn how to manifest your desires
  • Discover the effectiveness of EFT for any issue
  • Learn how to live an enlightened life
  • Live your life fully in the present,  enabling you to reach your full potential

For a Limited time we are offering an amazing special!

The first 100 people to sign up for ten sessions of EFT or coaching, will receive a 50% discount on the rates.

Go to our website for more information.


I recently had a EFT treatment with Owen. I found him to be empathic to my needs, a good listener and very clear about how the treatment worked.  I felt comfortable in his presence.

Within a few moments  of the 'tapping’ I started to feel 'different'  something that is hard to explain. It has taken  a week or so to get used to being without it, I have carried  this problem for 25 plus years. I have found this to be an effective and quick way to release a fear that i thought would never go.

I would recommend Owen to anyone and wish him well.

Anne Marie, New Zealand


I have been trying to do EFT on my own for over a couple of months and it did not seem to go away then I spend about 7 minutes on the internet with you and now I feel re-energized. My gratitude goes to you!!

Tabitha , Louisville KY, United States



Since begining EFT sessions with Owen, i have noticed such an improvement in my interpersonal relationships. Connecting with others on a real level that helps facilitate communciation and growth has been so much easier now. I would definitely recommend the 10 week program to anyone.

Michelle, Southern California, United States


EFT and Life Coaching from Live Your Life