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Beauty, Energy, Health, Healing


At Balanced Energy we believe we believe that life is a rich experience to be savoured in a way that enhances health and wellbeing on all levels.

Through our Balanced Energy Beauty Spa + Health Clinic, Balanced Energy Studio and unique Balanced Energy products and treatments we provide everything you need to be your very best.


You can feel good about indulging yourself because Balanced Energy has a strong commitment to purity and ecological sustainability without compromising quality, enjoyment or luxury.

Balanced Energy is a modern approach to health, beauty and wellbeing.

Five elements



Five essences:


Earth, Heartbeat of the Mother-  letting go/Metal, Wings of Joy-  lightness of being/

Water, Path of no Resistance-  go with the flow/Wood, Emerging Spirit-  see the truth/ 

Fire, Pure Heart Pure Mind-  focus mind and heart 


These five elements are carefully blended with the purest, certified organic essential oils and  natural ingredients to create the Balanced Energy health and skincare products

Balanced Energy  also provides: 

Telephone consultations/ Mail order Balanced Energy products  

Courses /Sacred Art Seminars and Exhibitions



  Balanced Energy People

Catherine Opie and Henri-noel Venturini, founders of Balanced Energy Ltd.

Henri and Catherine met on Waiheke Island, a small island close to the city of Auckland in New Zealand, in 2007.
As soon as they met magic began to happen and very soon they realized their purpose was to connect their 20 years of experience in the natural health and healing arena in order to create a new way of working with energy medicine. And Balanced Energy Ltd. was born.
All Balanced Energy processes and  ingredients are as pure, natural, organic, sustainable and fair trade as we can possibly make them.   

Tell me more about Balanced Energy Ltd.

Products, sessions, courses and classes available in Auckland, Waiheke Island and internationally. You can contact Balanced Energy:

Henri Mobile: + 64 (0)210 252 8882

Catherine Mobile: + 64 (0)27 305 6534

Balanced Energy Beauty Spa + Health Clinic, Shop 1-3, 5 Link Crescent, Whangaparaoa, + 64 (0)9 4282931,


Balanced Energy Five Element Mandala and all text Copyright Balanced Energy Ltd. and Henri noel Venturini 2007 all rights reserved.

The term Balanced Energy Ltd. and the Balanced Energy Logo are trademarks of Balanced Energy Ltd.



Sacred Geometry, Liquid Light Essences,taichi,Vibrational Medicine,classes,Art,Healing,Crystals,Flower Essences