Heart meditation, biopro, bach flowers
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"The first ray of light that pierces the darkness"

Our heart is the key to mental and emotional health. It is also the key to true spiritual growth. By heart we are not talking about the physical heart but rather the spiritual heart - our non physical heart. This non physical heart is directly linked to the Creator, the True Source of Love and Light. The spark of love and light, our spiritual or true self, is in the core of our heart.  This heart is the center of peace, love, joy and happiness. It also provides us with an inner knowing we can rely on for clarity and insights that cannot be experienced by our brains.

If you want to find out more about the Heart and how you can use it more in everyday life go to www.lotuslight.net.nz or www.open-your-heart.org.uk

We have both physical and non physical aspects that make up our being. The ultimate help we can recieve is from the True Source through meditation and prayer.  But we can also help ourselves in the cleansing and clearing process with a variety of methods such as healthy diet, reducing stress. I would like to share some of the ways I have helped myself besides using Reiki TUMMO (www.padmacahaya.com) and Heart Meditation.

I removed all dangers of electro magnetic pollution from my environment using the great products at BIOPRO. Check out my webpage on www.mybiopro.com/raewyns.  If you buy anything through this link once the sale is confirmed I will reimburse you 15% of the sale amount.

I have also used BACH FLOWER, SOUL AND ROSE ESSENCES at different times of stress or expansion to aid my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to move towards a greater state of well-being. I will shortly have information on this site regarding these. You can contact me about these at any time.


Heart meditation, biopro, bach flowers