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Soul Journeys

Rock Your World

 Soul Journeys is pleased to be the travel partner for Rock Your Life- led by Author and Entrepenuer Mike Handcock. Apart from the incredible Rock Your Life Seminars and Workshops with leading International speakers, Mike also offers Rock Your World Tours in conjunction with Soul Journeys and Frontier Travel.

Forget sitting in a classroom trying to learn. Rock Your World is experiential. Our incredible trips focus on combining learning - about business, life, wealth and spirituality with amazing destinations and groups of likeminded people.

Here we highlight the upcoming Rock Your World Tours.

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Upcoming Events

Ascended Masters Art Exhibition
Sunday February 28, 2010 - Ponsonby Auckland
Come along to this unique event where two amazing artists display their art of the Ascended Masters. Bathe in the energy. FREE event. Register at www.souljourneys.co.nz

Rock Your World - INDIA


Rock Your World - India
Experience India like you have never dreamed before on this unique, inspiring and soul filled adventure.
This experience will be one of the most profound of your life and stay with you forever.

Combining social responsibility, Rock Your Life India, connects travellers like you with the SAGE Foundation.
You get one week in and around Mumbai visiting local rural villages and getting to spend 3 days helping the
villagers with tasks you are familiar with - you may choose to plant trees, repair buildings, teaching a skill or general labour - you choose.

You'll be staying in a local hotel, but will meet the local villagers enjoying lunch with them and gaining insights into ther daily lives. Before and after the village visit you get to see Mumbai, India's largest and most multicultural city including a special tour inside the slums where 40,000 people survive in absolute poverty.

This 7-day package is an ideal way for you to give a little of yourself to help so many people.
You may then continue on with a tour of India and we can assist you with options.

Tour Price:   US$ 1950
Tour Dates: 11 March 2010

CONTACT US for more information

Maya and Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global InitiativeMaya Shahani, Chairperson of SAGE Foundation, was recently invited to be part of the Clinton Global Initiative established by former President Bill Clinton.  This initiative, aims to turn pioneering ideas into viable solutions to urgent global challenges, bringing together international leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs, the media, and academia to make "Commitments to Action" that impact lives around the world.


Rock Your World - CAMBODIA


Cambodia offers an incredible insight into awe-inspiring temples an a wonderful people.
On this special tour, you get to meet the people at grassroots level, including visits to Orphanages and local villages.

Enroute you'll discover the amazing Angkor Temples, the food, the people and the history
A very special tour.

Tour Price:   US$ 2495
Tour Dates:  03 Oct, 2009  and 09 Jan 2010.

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Spiritual tours, workshops