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Suzanne Masefield is Director of Think Success Limited and Synergy Effect Coaching.

I have been coaching and inspiring many leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals throughout Australasia and Europe for many years. 

My highly tuned intuitive abilities’ alongside my training, allows me to ‘read’ people, enabling empowerment, growth and change at a core level for people to realise their full potential.

A background in public relations, sales and management at a significant corporate level in the UK, brought about the realisation that I have seen many times in my clients today.

"My life was financially rewarding, busy and very full, but not fulfilling, something was missing – ME!’"


So I set out on a journey of discovery to gather new knowledge, which ultimately led me to the other side of the world.

Obtaining International qualifications in the Mind/Body Analysis, Counselling, Emotional Anatomy, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Reiki Master, Life and Leadership Coaching, I learnt from some of the world's great teachers.

Crafting a process to increase energy and bring a greater understanding of the link between the Mind, Body, Spirit, I created - The Synergy Effect.  Which alongside my previous business skills I have been successfully using to empower my clients personally and professionally for many years.  Discovering who they truly are, to live their 'best life' and create their own destiny from the inside-out!


-  “When our mind, body, spirit are inline and we are grounded in action, a ‘magical’ thing happens- it’s like coming home, we achieve amazing results!”


  Focus Direction in your life
tress – Overcome

  Life/Work – Balanced
  Energy and Health - Increased
  Communication – Empowered
  Building - Confidence and Self Belief
  People and Business – Transformed!


    Be who you Really want to be!

Let Your Light Shine! 


ar1XF-SMALLTSthicklogo.jpgKick Start Your Future - NOW


'And as I let my own light shine,

I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.


As I am liberated from my own fear

My presence automatically liberates others.'

Nelson Mandela 1994 Inaugural Speech

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“My world has changed – it is lighter, brighter and so much more connected. My business has more – direction, energy and purpose, it’s all come together.”
Bill James, MD - Inspired Learning Systems Limited


 "The clarity and focus I have gained along with the self confidence to action what I now know is possible, has been invaluable".  Charlotte Harris - Producer, BBC Documentaries


 “There is so much value in working with Suzanne, I feel extremely lucky and privileged to work with her, it has changed my life”.
 Emma Boddie – MD, Designer Websites


  “Thank you Suzanne for helping me discover my dreams”.
Clare – Auckland



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