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Thank you for finding this page and spending time to get to know me, I appreciate it!

My Background:

Born in AUSTRIA (one hour south of Vienna) on December 7th 1956

I followed in the footsteps of my grandfather (who was a composer and conductor), to be a classical musician -

I became a successful flautist and conductor and with 24 years of age I was the youngest director of a music school in Austria...

In 1982 I took "sabbatical leave" and planned to travel around the world for one year.

I got as far as New Zealand and... fell in Love...

For the first time in my life I saw the potential for real FREEDOM.

Here was the space to have a lifestyle and to find & develop the true "ME"...

I changed my focus to OPTIMUM WELLBEING through self sufficiency, growing quality food, Permaculture - Organics - Biodynamics etc. simply LIFESTYLE...

Nutrition and Health became very important to me.

For Notes from one of my Wellness Seminars click here

My wife Ana is the best cook and organic gardener that I have met, so I am very spoiled with gourmet fresh organic food!

After our daughter Maniana was born in 1996 I had to re-consider our financial situation!

I had a good look at all my options and I did not want to go back to what I did in the past.

A passing friend introduced me to a then new to me concept:

Network Marketing (also called MLM - Referral Marketing or Direct Sales)

I saw the potential and liked the picture of growing a Global Network of like-minded people, while at the same time helping to introduce a new paradigm business model based on the values of cooperation (people helping people), honesty and integrity.

So, I joined my friend's company and started a steep learning-curve in a totally new industry...

I was relatively successful in my first company, but, being a Binary System, I found that it was too hard for my business-partners to get to make money... so, when another friend introduced me to Life Force International, I was very open to take a look.

I found that there was a good chance for the part timers and beginners to succeed in this compensation plan and the products suited my passion (liquid-organic- wholefood nutrition), so I joined Life Force International in April 1999.

From the very beginning I knew that I had finally found my home in this industry - this company had everything I was looking for and I had an incredible support TEAM!

I was working directly with the top people in the company!

Once I found RIGHT LIVELIHOOD, I was off and running - I built a six figure residual income within two years and am passionate about the duplication of my success!

I love this business and have a total commitment to continue working it with my focus on honesty and integrity!

One thing I have learned is this - it has to be about more than just the money. To be successful, one must be committed to helping those who are committed to helping themselves AND others...!

Just KNOW this, it doesn't matter what your background is, or what your past experiences are, if you have a desire, and a commitment, and you remain COACHABLE, you will be successful with Life Force!

Today I live with my wife Ana and my 12 year old daughter Maniana in one of the most beautiful places on earth (and I have seen a lot!).

We have a small, beautiful piece of land, a comfortably renovated 140 year old farm house, close to the beach.

We have a large organic/biodynamic vegetable garden, chickens and ducks (so we still grow a lot of our food) and three cats.

12Km to the small township of Takaka (about 1000 people) and a 2 hour drive to the City of Nelson (35ooo) at the top of the South Island, New Zealand.

I enjoy the ocean and the mountains, fishing or just relaxing and playing music with friends.

Mostly I enjoy being at home with my family and not having to go to work (away from home) like most dads!!!

I am a practical (Sagittarian) Visionary, dedicated to move, touch and inspire the people I communicate with, and, should they choose so, empowering them to fulfill their true potential, by providing an holistic context in which to create what truly matters to them

Should YOU choose to partner with us, I am committed to supporting you in building your organization, by teaching you a simple SYSTEM and mentoring you in the process of teaching your business partners to duplicate the same, in order to generate a secure, sustainable and predictable residual income-stream over a 1 to 3 year time frame, by investing a minimum of 7 focused hours per week.

I enjoy inspiring people and mentoring them in their process and journey along the way to success.

I invite you to embark on that journey with me.

I commit to you and your goals as long as you commit to yourself and remain coachable.

If you are willing and committed to DO WhateverItTakes.pdf, I will support you all the way!



For me Freedom begins with being FREE of unhappiness and all negative emotion - then freedom from physical aches and pains and finally financial freedom.

I can not be free in a society where most people are still in pain and economic slavery - so I am doing my best to help the ones that are looking for a way out of the rat race.

I can only help the people who are ready to take responsibility for their life and are asking for help - looking for OPPORTUNITY!

Therefore it is so important that we educate people about this amazing Industry of ours, that offers a way out - Network Marketing !

It's time to let people hear some positive success stories and show them what we are really all about.

We must empower each other as professionals, listen to each other as partners and treat each other with respect.

I am committed to this Industry and willing to work with love and integrity on growing this Network of Networkers around the globe, like a net of pulsing lighthouses, showing the way to FREEDOM!

I am passionate about the re-distribution of Wealth on a global scale - however, as there is no "FREE LUNCH", we can not give the money to the people (charity doesn't empower people!), we have to teach them how to earn it for themselves.

People are successful by becoming who they truly are and helping others to realize the same...

I use this business as a vehicle to create what really matters to me in my life - which is to create financial abundance and time freedom, but mostly a way to filter people into my life with whom I want to co-create what matters most to us, as a small group of like-minded (or rather "Common Sensed") individuals ("tribe") who really want to make a difference on the planet on a large scale...

Money and time shall not be an issue of limitation!

(for more detail I will write a book! ;-)

My VISION is of a peaceful planet that is full of natural abundance, and naturally creative people, no longer held back by starved cells and financial pressure, who are supporting each other on their journey through this amazing LIFE!

About Network Marketing:

Network Marketing is the most remarkable form of FREE ENTERPRISE ever created!

A chance for the ordinary person to become an Entrepreneur!

Creating WEALTH - together with your friends!

Introducing a NEW paradigm within the old paradigm!

To quote Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad":

"The wealthiest people in the world look for and build NETWORKS, everyone else is looking for work..."

In one of his recent books TheBusinessSchoolReview.pdf he also points out that finally this Industry offers a chance for the average person to achieve extraordinary success, by providing access to unique, leading edge education!

My definition for SUCCESS:

"Do what you LOVE doing !!!

Become who you truly are and make a living in the world by just BEING that!

Help OTHERS do the same and OWN YOUR LIFE!!!"


Now that you got this far, you may have some questions?

Please contact me: Manfred@ManfredJR.com

I am looking forward to meeting you!

wellness, mentor, wellness mentor, life force international, life force